Thursday, September 28, 2023

2023 Senior Legacy Gift

Commemorating Chamblee High School is a proud tradition of the Senior Class. This year, with your help, we will continue our Senior Class Legacy by bestowing a gift in honor of the Class of 2023. The Class of 2008 began our beautification projects with the commitment of making our school campus more welcoming, attractive, informative, and bold. Your Class of 2023 would like to purchase indoor coated entry mats for the doors into our building. These mats are custom designed with our Bulldog logo and will say “Class of 2023” on them. You can follow this link to view them ( or many of you may have seen the mats we have currently in place throughout the school. To donate towards this year’s senior legacy project, you can click on the Pay Pal button below.

Below are previously purchased class gifts from past Senior classes:

Class of 2022 purchased outdoor coated steel picnic tables for the senior area outside the cafeteria.

Class of 2021 purchased picnic tables for the senior area outside of the cafeteria.

Class of 2020 purchased a backlit scorer’s table for basketball, wrestling and volleyball matches.

Class of 2019 purchased customized Luxo-Link Mats currently placed throughout the Fine Arts building and Gymnasium;

Class of 2018 purchased Bulldog Insignia Pop Art reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s style, displayed prominently on 4 walls.

Class of 2017 purchased a sculpture entitled “Sentry”, a play on words as it represents one century of academic excellence and in this case, guards and protects the legacy of excellence at Chamblee Charter High School.

Class of 2016 purchased directional signs for the main entrance way, administrative offices and classroom locations throughout the school;

Class of 2015 purchased additional picnic tables with benches, along with umbrellas and trash receptacles for the Sidewalk Café, outside of the cafeteria;

Classes 2012-2014 reinstalled Memorial benches and planters on Mendenhall Drive;

Class of 2011 purchased customized Luxo-Link Mats currently placed at the main entrance;

Class of 2010 purchased a larger than life size bulldog statue that is “on guard” at our main parking lot entrance

Class of 2009 purchased “avenue banners” promoting and celebrating our magnificent school, displayed in main parking lot

Class of 2008 purchased new picnic tables with benches and trash receptacles for the senior cafeteria courtyard