Grant Requests

The Blue & Gold Foundation welcomes grant requests from faculty, staff, and students for classroom supplies, projects, equipment, and experiences that enrich our curriculum and facilities and benefit CCHS faculty and students. Grant requests require the approval of a majority of the Blue & Gold Foundation Board of Directors and the CCHS Principal.  The Foundation encourages the teacher or organization requesting to try to raise funds in addition to the amount they are requesting from the Blue & Gold Foundation.

Grant Request Application:

Please answer the following questions and include any documentation regarding equipment, prices, etc. to help the Foundation evaluate the request.

You can complete the form below or print the B & G Grant Request and turn in to Nancy Farrey, Principal Barnes’ administrative assistant, or the request can be emailed to  The Blue & Gold Foundation will review within a month and notify the requester by email.

  • Note: The Foundation does not approve grants for athletic teams or continuing education.


Teachers Jennifer Tinnell and Steve Rubino are visiting with a Theodore Roosevelt historian who spent the day with CCHS students through a grant request given by the Blue & Gold Foundation.

Requested by
Faculty, Staff or Student?
Requested amount
What is the best number to reach you?
What is the purpose of the grant?
How will students or teachers benefit from the grant?
How many students will benefit from the grant?
When will funds be needed?
To whom should the funds be disbursed?
Please share any additional information in support of your request.

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