100 for 100

The Chamblee Blue and Gold Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation designed to raise funds to support Chamblee High School’s students, teachers and staff.  The mission of Chamblee Charter High School is to foster excellence by promoting the intellectual, social, and moral growth and physical health of every student.  The Blue and Gold Foundation raises funds to reinvest in the school year after year.  Your donation helps provide our high school students with many additional academic opportunities.  All funds are donated to the school.
Can we count on you to help?  As Chamblee celebrates its Centennial Anniversary, we are asking all friends and alumni to give back $100 (or more) to recognize the first 100 years of Chamblee High School.  You can become part of this community-wide Centennial Campaign by making your gift today.  
To donate online, please click here.
To mail a donation, please mail your check payable to the “Chamblee Blue and Gold Foundation” to 5456 Peacthree Boulevard, Box 154, Chamblee, GA 30341.  Please note “Centennial Campaign” in the memo.

Centennial Supporters:

Kathryn Anderson

Axelson Family

Mark Banta

Elizabeth Bessonette

Gwyned Bius

Rick and Rebekah Blitz

Kathy Brannon

Pamela Pillert Bruno

Penny Bubenheim

Paula Caldarella

Judith Carlson

Rebecca Chambers

David and Linda Chesnut

Alex and Regina Chesnut

Council Family

Laura Hauck Covington

Pat Wilmoth Davis

Frank Dickey

Ken Dickey

Kira Dunkerley

Charlotte Hamm Dutton

Chris Ely

Eileen Ely

Dr. Lynn Farmer

Don and Nancy Farrey

Cheryl Finke

Joe Fowler

Amy Gies

Kevin Gosnell

Teresa Gudger

Dr. Sharon Hall

Bruce Hauck

Hood Family (in honor of 2018 grad Jacob)

Ellen Groschelle Houlihan

Katherine Eileen Hunt

Nancy Kelly

Kenny’s Great Pies

Daniella Lambert

Catherine Lautenbacher

Amandi Levi

Suzanne Levi

Karen Lionberger

Rochelle Lowery

Elizabeth Wong Mark

Terri Maxwell

Melanie McConnell

Marian McCullers

Matthew Memberg (in memory of Francine Memberg)

Clint Momon

Susan and Jim Montgomery

Patricia Mote

Sue Nunn

Siuha Orr

Cynthia Outman

John Perner

Rosalind Picard

Chrystin Pleasants (in honor of Elise Pollock LaForgia)

Dolly Pope

Coach Eddie Rains

Lisa Reagan

Darrell Rodgers

Joe and Marlene Routt

Steve and Shiela (Wilder) Rubino

Twila Salthouse

Ann Scott

Aaliyah Shafiq

Colin Sims

Dave Smiley

Pamela Gilbert-Smith

Liesel Stanhope

Sally Stanhope

Kait Stanhope

Alan Stewart

John P. Stewart

Judith Syna

Teresa Tomlinson

Greg Valley

Eric and Jennifer Wahlen

Lucas Westby

Scott and Kelly Willett

Clay Williams

Nate Williams

Pat Williams

Wayne and Vicki Wilson

Ed Winterstein

Sally Wright