Who We Are

The Blue & Gold Foundation was formed in 2004 as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  It was created to raise funds to support Chamblee High School and the greater Chamblee Community. Our Board of Directors is led by Executive Director Cheryl Finke. The Board includes parents, alumni, teachers, CHS administrators, community leaders, and other supporters of Chamblee High School.

Current Board Members

Cheryl Finke, Executive Director

Nancy Farrey, President

Kathryn Anderson, Vice President

Linda Podger Williams, Treasurer

Kristin Keirsey, Secretary

Gail Barnes, Principal, CCHS

Ben Bryant

Becky Craven

Fran Dickey

Brian Ely

Ronnie French

Sue Nunn

Lisa Reagan

Van Pappas

Aaliyah Shafiq

Missy Shoenig

Jennifer Tinnell

Greg Valley

Jovan Weatherly

Lucas Westby